Athan's individual pastries are, perhaps, our most popular offering. Indulge in one yourself, or present a gift-boxed variety to friends and family and feel very European.
Our poundcakes remind us of our Greek grandmothers, avid bakers and matriarchs. In the old villages, women would gather each week at a different home whose homemaker's turn it was to have her woodburning oven ready for all.
Our gateaux are made by hand in the French style. Layers of soft genoise sponge are sandwiched between smooth mousses and elegantly finished.
The Italian name for European style ice cream, it is creamier on the palate with more intense flavor, yet with a lower butterfat content than North American style ice cream.
We pursue the confectioner's art by hand-crafting our own chocolates in small batches according to traditional European recipes.
A favorite Mediterranean pastry for centuries.
Some are hand cut, some made in molds, all from scratch in our kitchen